Revive 25!

If you're tired, overweight and have lost your quality of life, see how our unique weight management and anti-aging program led by our Board Certified Obesity Medicine Physician can help you! Learn More.

Comprehensive Auto Accident Care

The changes in law make it more important for you to find comprehensive care that includes medical, chiropractic and physical therapy. Find out why Essential's comprehensive approach is right for you! Learn More.

Medicine & Chiropractic Working For You!

If you are experiencing pain, choose a clinic that can give you multiple options including medical, chiropractic, physical therapy, massage and yoga/pilates. And choose a team that treats your causes as well as your symptoms. Learn More.

Essential Integrative Medicine

Treating you and not just your symptoms

Essential Integrative Medicine is a unique wellness center that combines
  • state of the art medical care
  • modern chiropractic
  • yoga and pilates
  • massage
  • weight management and nutrition
  • anti-aging medicine
all under one roof!

Essential Integrative uses a collaborative and holistic approach where the patient is empowered to not only be free of pain, but take control of lifestyle factors that are contributors to poor health.  We have been providing comprehensive care to South Tampa since 2001!
  • meet our staff

    Ryan Adami, DO

    Dr. Ryan Adami graduated from Nova Southeastern University in 2005.  He complete... ...

  • meet our staff

    Karen Nicotra, LMT, RCA

    The joy of helping people is the reason I love being a massage therapist. By developi... ...

  • meet our staff

    Teyonia Hayes, MA


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  • I am like the millions of new moms who wanted to get their bodies back after having two kids. I gained a lot of weight after my first child so I vowed to do something different for my second child.I started  the maintenance program while I was pregnant and it made a tremendous difference. Of course, I didn’t take any medication, but I didn’t need to either. They gave me an easy to use meal plan system that allowed me to get the right nutrients for my baby and me. I was back to my normal weight within two weeks of delivering our second baby!!...

  • Prior to a car accident, I was always very active in dance, sports and BMX racing. My weight was never an issue. After a near fatal car accident when I was 19, I have had difficulty keeping my weight to a normal level due to severe back injuries that stopped me from enjoying all of the physical activities I enjoyed. I have previously had to spend 3 or more days a week in the gym doing weight and cardio training to attempt to maintain a healthy weight. Unfortunately, my back injuries would become aggravated and I would immediately regain the lost weight and sometimes gain even more. The battle of the bulge has been a difficult one until now.During the past 13 weeks, I went from 171 lbs to 137......

  • |I had constant migraines, about 4 times a week. I was also having numbness in my legs. I tried taking over-the counter pain relievers or prescription migraine medications. None of these made the migraines go away. My migraines have gone from a frequency of 4 times a week to 0 to 1 time per month. I have also stopped feeling numbness in my legs. I was not expecting to have a better range of motion, nor to see a change in my headaches so quickly....


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Ulnar Nerve The ulnar nerve is a nerve that travels from the wrist to the shoulder. This nerve is mainly responsible for movement in the hand; despite passing through the forearm, it is only responsible for one and a half muscles there......

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