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|I had constant migraines, about 4 times a week. I was also having numbness in my legs. I tried taking over-the counter pain relievers or prescription migraine medications. None of these made the migraines go away. My migraines have gone from a frequency of 4 times a week to 0 to 1 time per month. I have also stopped feeling numbness in my legs. I was not expecting to have a better range of motion, nor to see a change in my headaches so quickly.


|I found out that our baby was frank breached when I was 35 weeks pregnant. Our OB/GYN said that we would need to have a planned C-section because there was little chance that he could turn before my due date. I decided to try a chiropractic technique called the Webster Technique that focuses on adjusting my tailbone. I saw Dr. Tran for 5 consecutive days with gentle adjustments to my tailbone. The following week, our OB/GYN was surprised to see that our baby had gone into the proper position. Now, I can have a natural birth thanks to chiropractic.


I'm 36 and have spent the last year suffering with chronic low back pain. Some days were better than others, but every day I lived with pain. Although I work for medical doctors, they weren't able to help me by prescribing muscle relaxers and anti-inflammatory medications. I didn't want to keep adding air to a leaky tire, I wanted to FIX the tire. Knowing I'm too young to live like this, something had to be done, I was recommended to Dr. Tran by my boyfriend. Dr. Tran was able to diagnose the source of my problem: a misaligned SI joint. With one manipulation, and one hearty "pop", I walked out of his clinic like a baby taking my first steps. Since that day, I have been 100% pain free. That's all I needed. No pills, no surgery. Just a "pop". Dr. Tran is awesome and has my total confidence in him. I recommend him 100%!!!



I first came to Dr. Tran for injuries in a car accident. After a few treatments, I felt much better. However, Dr. Tran took time to discuss with me that in order for me to truly healthy and not just pain-free, I needed to work on my weight. I tried other local medical weight loss clinics. I lost weight but it came right back. And gained more than before.

I started Dr. Tran's healthy weight program recently. I have room for improvement, but I have seen great results with my weight and my fitness level. I have recommended many of my friends and family to Essential ChiroCare!


watch. enjoy. learn.

Essential Yoga for Low Back Pain - Part 1

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"Get knowledge of the spine, for this is the requisite for many diseases."

Hippocrates, "Father of Medicine"

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